Math Extra Credit

Please contact Mr Licata by email before attempting any extra credit.

1. Make a video tutorial for a lower grade on HOW TO (any math topic)
  • choose a math topic that you know and can explain to someone else
  • identify the grade that you want to make the video for
  • create a script or narrative to guide you through the tutorial
    • one side should focus on the topic you are filming
    • the other side of the script should tell what is being recorded and how
  • use iMovie, Photostory, Masher to piece together your tutorial
2. Go somewhere and get pictures/video of math happening. Make a small video or photo story about it
  • find real life instances of math happening, the possibilities are endless.
    • at the bank, grocery store, mall, car wash, dentist, doctor, bakery, bus, gas station....

3. Create digital Math posters that explain math concepts

4. Create a math game and make a a game board with dice, moving peices, cards, and/or any other material needed to play the game. The game board should be drawn neatly or created on the computer, then put on posteboard so that it can be laminated.

5. Make a bulletin board using standard size oak tag or poster board. (Some examples would be: a collage of all the uses of Math In Everyday Life, a bulletin board of Famous Mathematicians, or a bulletin board of How Math Is Used In Sports)

6. Watch a stock investment program like Taking Stock and prepare a 2-5 minute oral presentation for the class based on what you learned.