Interpreting Stock Data on the Internet
Opening Price is the first price paid after trading starts, usually when the stock exchange "opens its trading doors" in the morning. Sometimes, opening price is higher or lower than the closing price of the previous day (orders are placed overnight and can affect the demand and thus, the opening price).
Ask price is the price you will pay to buy a stock.
Bid price is the price you will get if you sell your stock.
Spread is the difference between the bid price and the ask price.
Last Trade is the time and price of the last trade made for the stock. (The date is reported if the stock hasn’t traded that day.)
Net Change is the price difference from the current price to the last trade price.
Change is the change in price for the day. This is the difference between the last trade and the previous day’s closing price (Prev Close). The change is reported as “0” if the stock hasn’t traded that day.
Bid Size/Ask Size represents the number of shares a buyer is willing to purchase for the bid or ask price.
Prev Close is the closing price for the trading day prior to the last trade reported.
Vol is the volume of trading (number of shares).
Avg Vol is the Average Daily Volume, which is the monthly average of the cumulative trading volume during the last 3 months divided by 22 days.
Div Date is the Dividend Pay Date, which is the date on which the dividend was last paid, or the date on which the next one will be paid.
Div/Shr is the Dividend Per Share--the annual dividend per share of stock as reported by the company.
Yield is the annual dividend per share divided by the previous closing stock price as a percentage (multiplied by 100).
EPS is Earnings Per Share stated for the most recent 12 months. EPS is calculated by dividing earnings by the average number of shares of common stock outstanding during the period.
P/E is Price to Earnings Ratio. This number is the previous closing stock price divided by the earnings per share, and reflects the value the market has placed on a stock.
Record the data for your stock in a google spreadsheet worksheet. (Add any other data you may find.)
Stock Name_
Ticker Symbol_

Opening Price



Avg Vol


Div Date

Bid Size/Ask Size




Last Trade


Net Change



Prev Close

Print out from the web site any other information you were able to collect, e.g., key people, products/services, financials, industry ranking, etc.